The Original and best salt-pipe in the UK – now refillable

At last! Natural, drug-free relief from asthma, hay fever, coughs, snoring...even smoking and pollution!

After years of development, we've devised a therapeutic pipe you can fit in your hand - and use time and time again!

The original refillable Saltpipe is a modern hand-held device that has taken over 5 years to develop... and in our opinion that effort and research has made it the very best, purest way of benefiting from this therapy.

Firstly, we have scoured the whole of Eastern Europe to discover the highest quality - and most effective - salt there is, and there were no shortcuts. We tested 73 different types of salt and found most were too dry for use.

But after months and months of refining and testing, we discovered 'halit salt crystals' from the Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine in Romania. These salt crystals are by far the most powerful and effective in fighting asthma, respiratory problems and promoting good, clean, healthy lungs - but the process of refining them isn't easy.

During a complex process we have to discard about 60% of the salt (but even that isn't wasted - we give it to local villages to help clear snow from the roads!) until we are left with pure salt crystals that start cleansing your airways immediately.

As you breathe in, the passing air absorbs the tiny salt particles. These help clean your air passages and induce your respiratory system to flush away impurities.