The original and the best salt pipe – now refillable!

"New hope for Britain's 8 million asthma sufferers"

The Sun, April 28, 2005

At last! Natural, drug-free relief from asthma, hay fever, coughs, snoring…even smoking and pollution!”

Back in the 19th century, an amazing health secret was discovered deep in a Polish mine.

It has since helped thousands of people with bronchitis, sinus problems and allergies to breathe more easily... feel more active... and get a good night's sleep.

Now you can experience '15-minute relief' in your own home for 30 days, RISK-FREE.

Dear Reader,

It's a remarkable story...

Back in 1843, a Polish health official named Felix Bochkowski paid a visit to the salt mines. There he noticed something very odd.

The miners had an amazingly LOW incidence of lung disease.

Not something you'd expect from that kind of job, right? I mean, these guys laboured deep underground in dirty, dusty, cramped conditions.

But it was true. Almost ALL the miners were free of allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and other breathing problems.

How could this be?

The secret was in the SALT

For reasons unknown to scientists at the time, the act of breathing in salty air can dissolve phlegm and mucous, flush out impurities and kill infectious micro-organisms.

This was why the air in the mines was 'healing' so many workers.

Ever since Felix's discovery, thousands of people have visited the salt mines in Poland, Austria and Romania, seeking a natural treatment for their problems. They've returned with claims of almost miraculous relief from respiratory illnesses.

These include asthma, allergies, hay fever, bronchitis, nasal catarrh, sinus problems, snoring, chronic coughs and the effects of smoking and pollution.

If you suffer any of these conditions, please read on. I'd like to offer you a chance to try out this salt remedy for yourself at home. Put it to the test and see how it could work for you.

I don't even want you to risk any of your money.

Either you feel powerful relief from allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems within 30 days. Or don't pay a penny for the experience. That's an unconditional guarantee.

But I'm absolutely sure that, once you've tried this quick and convenient therapy, you'll never look back...

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All the benefits of luxury overseas clinics - at home!

The tales from the Eastern European salt mines weren't some crazy legend. There's evidence of this health phenomenon closer to home.

Millions of people have experienced a form of 'salt therapy' here in Britain. Since the industrial revolution a good dose of salty sea air has had a reputation helping people with breathing problems.

This is one of the reasons people used to flock to the seaside. Many people even retire to coastal areas because of the benefits of sea air. At one time, Skegness was called 'Little Leicester'. Why? Because factory workers from the dirty, smog-filled city would rush there for their holidays.

As for the salt mines in Eastern Europe... the extremely high concentration of salt in the air turned them into star attractions. They are now luxurious clinical health centres, visited by over 10,000 people every year.

Now you have an opportunity to see what the fuss is all about. But you don't have to book a holiday, or fly to Poland.

You can experience all the benefits of the salt therapy from this...

After years of development, we’ve devised a therapeutic pipe you can fit in your hand – and use time and time again!

The BreathEasy Saltpipe is a modern hand-held device that has taken over 5 years to develop… and in our opinion that effort and research has made it the very best, purest way of benefiting from this therapy.

Firstly, we have scoured the whole of Eastern Europe to discover the highest quality – and most effective – salt there is, and there were no shortcuts. We tested 73 different types of salt and found most were too dry for use.

But after months and months of refining and testing, we discovered 'halit salt crystals' from the Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine in Romania. These salt crystals are by far the most powerful and effective in fighting asthma, respiratory problems and promoting good, clean, healthy lungs – but the process of refining them isn’t easy.

During a complex process we have to discard about 60% of the salt (but even that isn’t wasted – we give it to local villages to help clear snow from the roads!) until we are left with pure salt crystals that start cleansing your airways immediately.

As you breathe in, the passing air absorbs the tiny salt particles. These help clean your air passages and induce your respiratory system to flush away impurities.

And what of the pipe itself…?

Well, because we refuse to compromise on our standards (and because we wholeheartedly believe in 100% natural products) this Saltpipe is made from the highest quality porcelain, unlike some other types. It’s smooth and warm to the touch (a feeling you ONLY get with porcelain), and it’s been painstakingly designed to feel comfortable in your hand.

Plus this version is easy to clean and completely refillable, so you can use it where you want, when you want.

All you have to do is fill it with our exclusive salt crystals, and breath through the pipe 15 to 25 minutes every day.

Really, that's all it takes.

You should see the effects within 2 weeks

Allergy specialist, Dr Zoltan Ronai, has tested this Saltpipe on 50 people over 2 weeks. Here's what she found:

I’m a chronic sufferer of asthma. I’ve been using the Saltpipe for 3 months and have found a noticeable improvement. I would highly recommend it to others who suffer from similar respiratory problems.

Tim Hand

The pipe has been known to help everything from asthmaand hay fever, to chronic snoring. But if you suffer from shortness of breath, severe coughs and colds, or the effects of a smoky, polluted environment, you should also try this.

Remember it's yours for 30 days without risk. What's more, The Saltpipe is completely natural, drug free, and simple to use.

You don't even need batteries or electricity to run it. Just pop it in your move and get breathing!

Of course, this may NOT be news to you. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you've heard about this therapy before.

Real life stories in This Morning, The Sun, OK Magazine and The Daily Mail... all about the Saltpipe

My name is Gareth Rees. I'm a publisher of health books and newsletters. I first came across the SaltPipe at an allergy exhibition in London, back in 2005.

Immediately I knew it was something that many people would - and should - benefit from.

The British media quickly cottoned on to this breakthrough product. Newspapers, magazines and television channels were full of amazing stories. Dr Chris Steele, the GP on This Morning, talked enthusiastically about the benefits of the Saltpipe.

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The Sun said that The Saltpipe "could offer new hope for Britain's 8 million asthma sufferers". And that "Trials in Budapest found three out of four patients improved after using the device for 15 minutes a day."

In April, OK Magazine said:

"Living by the sea can work wonders for those who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma. The Saltpipe offers a breath of fresh air without having to set foot on the beach... The Saltpipe can also treat snoring, common colds, infections a0nd problems caused by smoking".

And in the same month, The Daily Mail claimed:

"A trial involving asthmatic and allergic patients and those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease showed The Saltpipe improved symptoms in more than half of them."

The Mail also ran with the story of Sam Clayton, an asthma sufferer.

"Now I'm free of my inhalers!"

Sam was regularly hospitalised by her illness and unable to exercise. She couldn't walk very far without risking her health.

After she tried the Saltpipe she said:

"I've had chronic asthma for 20 years and have always had to use my inhalers several times a day without fail. But now I'm free of them. I gained real benefit from the pipe within a couple of weeks. It feels like I don't have asthma anymore."

Another user, Mrs Frances Hammond, of Wiltshire, says:

"The Saltpipe is fantastic and not only has my health improved dramatically, I have also been able to give up my dependence on steroid drugs. I still carry my Ventalin as a precautionary measure but amazingly, I have not used it for weeks.

I am also delighted that for the first time in four years, and since moving to the country, I've been free of using antihistamnines. The Saltpipe has in short, been the answer to all my respiratory and allergy problems."

"I feel fresh energy in my lungs and the tiredness feeling has gone"

Hayley Robinson also felt powerful relief within a month:

"I obtained my Salt Pipe in September and started to use it for 15-20 minutes daily. After one month I felt a fresh energy in my lungs and the tiredness feeling had gone!"

As did Elizabeth Farkas:

I’ve had hay fever for 6 years. The symptoms attack me especially during the summer months, but at other times of the year as well. I received my Saltpipe as a present from my parent last August. I started using it immediately. To my greatest surprise I started to feel its benefits after a couple of days. I couldn’t believe how well it worked!

This kind of real-life testimony is great. But even strong anecdotal evidence like this, is not enough. You should be able put every claim to the test without risking any of your money.

While I'm absolutely confident in this therapy, I don't believe you should EVER have to pay for anything unless you can see 100% proof that it works for you.

This is why I'd like to send the BreathEasy Saltpipe to you today for a 30 day home trial.

Give it a try and see if it works for you

If the Saltpipe doesn't help you breathe more easily, feel healthier and more alert, then send it back. You'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

My belief is that you'll quickly discover one or more of these great benefits...

However, if you don't feel it has improved your health within 30 days, you can send it back. You'll get an instant, unconditional refund, with no questions asked.

All you have to do is click on the link below and we'll deliver the pipe to your door.

Save thousands on drugs and alternative salt therapies

Ordinarily, you'd have to travel abroad to a salt mine to get this kind of intense salt therapy. This is expensive and inconvenient. Flights cost over £500, and that's before you've paid for the treatment or hotels.

Even a four week UK holiday by the seaside enjoy the naturally salty air would cost a lot of time and money. That kind of spare time is a luxury few of us have.
The asthmatic attacks have gone. I use the pipe everyday for 20-25 minutes whilst watching TV. Now I’ve completely got rid of all medications I used to take for allergies. This pipe has changed my life.

Bernadette Vardy

The Saltpipe means you can get the benefits of salt therapy without spending hundreds of pounds, or taking time off.

It's a Class I medical device, and it's really convenient. It takes up just 15-25 minutes of your time each day. And you can use it at home, work, or wherever you like.

Better still, you could save hundreds of pounds on expensive allergy drugs, many of which can have side-effects.

With all this in mind, I hope you'll be surprised at the price. The BreathEasy Saltpipe is only £37.45. That's for FIVE YEARS worth of salt therapy.

For 5 years worth of therapy this works out at £5.99 per year - or just over 11p a week!

And of course, this being the NEW refillable version. You can use this saltpipe for way longer than just five years. This is yours for the rest of your life. You can wash it, sterilse it, re-fill it with new crystals, and use it over and over again. Share it among other members of your family. It's up to you.

If it helps you breathe more easily... controls your allergies... eases coughs and snoring... clears your passageways... and makes you feel more energetic... this isn't such a large price to pay, is it?

Of course, you ONLY have to pay this money if you see 100% proof that it works for you. Our full money back guarantee will completely protect you.

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So you've nothing to lose

It's really easy to put the Saltpipe to the test. Order it now for a 30 day risk free trial by clicking the link below. It will take only a minute or two, then we'll do the rest.

Once you've got your Saltpipe, you should notice the difference within two weeks. If you don't feel fitter, healthier and more active, then the experience won't have cost you a thing.

There's absolutely no risk. It's all-natural, so you can take it alongside ANY medication. There are no known side-effects. It won't affect blood pressure. And it's suited to children, too!

This is why I'm sure you're going to love what this amazing natural health remedy can do for you.

Best wishes

Emmanuelle Connelly
Product Publisher
The Good Life Letter Ltd

PS: If the Saltpipe does not help you breath more easily, feel more active, sleep better at night, and ease the symptoms of asthma and hay fever... then don't pay for it. Send it back within 30 days and we'll return your money in full.

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