What is a Salt Pipe? The answer starts with a Polish health official in the 18th century

Way back in 1843, a Polish health official named Felix Botchkowski noticed that the workers of salt mines had surprisingly healthy lungs, respiratory and immune systems.

Not what you'd expect from working deep down in dusty, claustrophobic mines is it?

For reasons unknown to scientists at the time, the act of breathing in salty air can dissolve phlegm and mucous, flush out impurities and kill infectious micro-organisms.

This was why the air in the mines was 'healing' so many workers.

Botchkowski was so intrigued by the health of the mine workers that he wrote a book about his findings.

And ever since Felix's discovery, thousands of people have visited the salt mines in Poland, Austria and Romania, seeking a natural treatment for their breathing problems. They've returned with claims of almost miraculous relief from respiratory illnesses including asthma, allergies, hay fever, bronchitis, nasal catarrh, sinus problems, snoring, chronic coughs and the effects of smoking and pollution.

The healing properties of salt are also known in allopathic medicine. The largest and oldest salt works in Europe is located in the royal salt mines of Wieliczka, Poland, approximately 7.5 miles outside of Krakow.

Here, a hospital was carved out of the immense salt mountain, seven hundred and forty feet below the surface, specifically for asthmatics and patients with lung disease and allergies.

Several thousand patients have been successfully treated at this hospital with an impressive healing rate of over 90%.
For most people, traveling to the one of these salt mines in Europe for treatment on a regular basis is not realistic and also incredibly expensive.

That's why the Breathe Easy Salt Pipe was invented - to give you the same level of therapeutic benefits of a salt cave in the convenience of your own home, office, car, train - wherever you go; you never need to suffer breathing struggles again.

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